The Waseca School is a Montessori program serving a diverse community of children from birth to age 12

Imagine a place where. . .

. . . a child’s spirit is honored.

. . . the child’s will is respected and channeled.

. . . children are encouraged and guided to solve their own disputes

. . . the child develops at his or her own pace and according to his or her own individual style of learning.

. . .imagination and creativity are nurtured and freely explored.

. . . children from diverse backgrounds form a community, respecting one another, celebrating their uniqueness and their unity.

. . . materials and activities are prepared by the guide so that the child can choose and be attracted to purposeful work and joyful learning.

. . . children are given the freedom of independence and the responsibility of choices.

Waseca is that place.

Our Mission

To create Montessori learning environments that encourage children to discover and develop themselves and to connect with respect to their communities and the natural world